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Omega Marking, Inc. offers a wide range of marking and coding products to meet your business needs. Here are some listed below:

Complete ToolsProducts

  • Omega Photopolymer Printing Plates
  • Omega Plate Marking System
  • Omega Mounting Stages
  • Omega Offset Transfer Pads

*All of the above are compatible with most existing
direct and offset marking machines.

  • Stamps and EmbossersQ.C. Self Inking Stamps
  • Custom Self Inking Stamps
  • Seals and Embossers
  • Office and Industry Stamps and Pads
  • Marking Inks for Office and Industry
  • Band Stamps (Dating and Numbering)
  • Sequential Bands and Holders

Omega Photopolymer Printing Plates

Printing PlateA Photopolymer Plate using Omega's unique process gives it superior definition and clarity. Omega Photopolymer Printing Plates are compatible with all epoxy, phenol, and ultraviolet inks. Resiliency and superior quality allow printing with direct or offset marking equipment and cleans up easily with isopropyl alcohol.

Omega's Photopolymer Printing Plates are ready to use with your existing marking machines. Just remove the paper from the double stick backing and the printing plate is ready to adhere to your existing mounting block.

Mounting StageOmega Mounting Stage

Omega's mounting stages are designed to allow setup in less than 30 seconds. The key to this design is the use of precision alignment of the mounting stage in relationship with the marking machine.

New Sequential Band Stamper

Omega Marking, Inc. is proud to introduce our newest offering in our complete line of products... the Sequential Band Stamper. This new device is made for sequentially numbering of military and custom components. It can easily handle a type size range from .020 to .100 inch.

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