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The Start of Personalized Service and Quality Products

Marking Tools 1Omega Marking, Inc. was founded in 1980 in Garland, Texas located at the heart of the Silicon Corridor. Omega quickly established a favorable reputation for providing personalized service, quality products and overnight delivery to our customers throughout the United States, Canada and South America.

Marking Tools 2Our goal has been to locate and confront the major marking problems found in the Electronic, Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Industries and provide an economical solution. Miniaturization by the industry has decreased the sizes of most components and traceability requirements have added more information to be printed in a smaller area.

With the development of photopolymer printing and marking materials in the early 80’s, Omega Marking was able to provide an even more reliable and economical marking and printing system for the imprinting of date codes, identification part numbers and logos with an even greater image resolution and clarity. Omega Marking, Inc. has continued to improve upon the process of manufacturing photopolymer printing plates and can easily produce printing plates with a character height of .006 of an inch ( 6 thousandths of an inch tall letters ).

Marking Sizes

Omega Marking, Inc. also developed the Omega Plate System, Omega Mounting Stages, Omega Photopolymer Printing Plates and Omega Type Style. These have been a few of the solutions developed by Omega to resolve the problems found, which give a faster setup, less down time in production and fewer rejects due to illegibility.


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